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Будем знакомы


Hi, my name is Max Gorts. Prior to become a tourguide in Israel, I had my time to try different things: I have got my Masters degree from Moscow University and DEA from Sorbonne, I have studied stage directing, I performed around the world trip as a journalist assignment, I became one of the best headhunters in my field, as a reality relations manager

I have launched one of the first edutainment projects and besides all that I have founded a production team that invented and created unique alternative realities. Each of these projects taught me something important and I am happy that as a guide I can both learn and share my knowledge. I think that keeping the ability to be marveled is no less important than that to marvel others.

Since 2011 I have been living in Israel and will be pleased to become your guide in this land, known as the Holy one or the  Promised one or simply the Land of Milk and Honey.


I see my goal in sowing in my guests' souls the seeds of love to this land and its people. I wish you to say at the end of your visit: I want to be back and I will do it.

Israel is a country with quite unusual proportions. Everything is very condensed here – on the small territory one can find several climatic zones and dozens of layers of human presence. For millenia this narrow strip of land between the desert and the sea has been a focal point for the humankind history.

So my task is to select from the wide variety of experiences that offers Israel the ones that you will love, to find your personal connections to this country. And to do it I need to understand what you like and what makes you happy. Based on your preferences and limitations, I could suggest a program tailored personally for you.


Exploring Israel

Is it your first visit or the fifth, it doesn’t matter — in Israel there are always places that you haven’t yet visited but you would enjoy to. And I am pleased to bring you there.

Usually my guests choose to start our cooperation from visit to Jerusalem. Well, one of the most ancient cities of the world has a well deserved reputation of a location where everything is complicated. I won’t promise that after our tour everything will clarify in your head, but I am sure that Jerusalem will find a special place in your heart. But even besides Jerusalem there are lot of unique sites, which are not easy to reach or to perceive without a tour guide. I am open to discuss your preferences and limits and suggest possibilities that will suit you. Progressive discounts are available starting from three days.

City Games

City Game or a Quest is a new way to explore touristic attractions. It suits for a family or group of friends and colleagues or for MICE guests. This is an interactive format which combines elements of theater, escape room, scavenger hunt and computer games. It allows to participants to make an urban environment more familiar, to look at it from unusual angles and to fill it with their own experiences.

Planning your trip

You start to plan your visit to Israel. You probably already know your dates and you have a general idea of what you would like to get from this tour. Your wishes and your limitations (iincluding financial ones) represent boundary conditions whithin which I am ready to offer you a travel plan. It may include both your independent trips and my tours. 
The price of this service is $100: if you book two or more days of tours with me, this sum will be included in the final price.

Free advice

You have decided to visit Israel, may be for the first time. You have a lot of questions — and no idea whom to ask. Where to stay, does it make sense to rent a car, what to visit and where better not to go, what to expect from the weather and when is the best season… I would be pleased to help you with these or other questions concerning your trip to Israel —  free of charge. And even if I don’t know the answer, which also might happen, I would recommend you those who could help you.

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Что я могу предложить

Simon Parizhsky

Eshkolot Project Program Director 

Max has developed and organized five immersive thematic quests for Eshkolot Festivals of Jewish Texts and Ideas in Jerusalem and in Venice. All of them provided the festival participants with exciting late night experience of the city. Intellectual urban games organized by Max proved extremely valuable in terms of positive group dynamics and festival atmosphere. I wholeheartedly recommend Max's immersive tours for groups and individuals looking for out-of-the-box experience in Israel and beyond.


Kartik Ganeshan and family

IT consultant

We would have never explored the country of Israel the way we did because of Max, our guide. His passion for history, love for Israel and deep knowledge were obvious from the very beginning. He was able to provide above and beyond our curiosity and was able to keep all of us including our children engaged the whole time. Our long days of exploration did not seem long enough because of his company. Max is brilliant and able to recognize what we wanted as a family and was able to cater to our itinerary and make great recommendations. If you want  to rate him from 1 to 10, than we give him 11! Max will not let your expectations down. He is the most sincere and kind person we have met. We highly recommend him.


Vera Genina

Medical Doctor

The time we have spent with Max was very valuable and informative and I highly recommend him to all of my friends and family members. Max is definitely one of the best guides we toured with in years and his imagination and knowledge of history makes experience bright and memorable .


You may write me here or contact me through

WhatsApp +972-50-5544-087

I would be glad to answer your questions and to do my best to make your trip to Israel unforgettable.

Your message is sent. Thank you

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